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The Thirsty Pup

The Thirsty Pup Water Bottle

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With our easy-to-use portable water bottles, you can ensure your dog stays hydrated whether you are at the park, on a hike, at home, or on the go.

Simply open the bottle, press the dispenser button, and water will immediately begin to dispense into the bowl. For any remaining water left in the bowl, hold down the dispenser once again and the remaining water will begin to flow back into the container.

Our collapsable design is allows it to fit easily into a backpack, purse, or luggage. Our bottles also come with a convenient strap that can be attached to a backpack or bag.

Volume: 300ml
Material: Plastic (ABS+PC)
Size: 64x188mm (closed)
Note: Hand-wash only

Leak-Proof Technology

Our silicone seal ring and one-touch lock design prevents leaks and spills and ensures that no water will leak into your backpack or purse.

Safe & Durable

We source high quality, non-toxic, food-grade materials to ensure your dog's safety and wellbeing.

Detachable Strap Included

Each of our bottles comes with a convenient detachable strap to make traveling with your water bottle even. Our optional strap can be attached to a belt loop, purse, or backpack.