About Us

Going on outdoor adventures with your dog can be a great experience and something you look forward to everyday! Whether it’s a walk, a hike, or a bike trip, bringing your dog along is an enjoyable activity for the both of you. Dogs need exercise everyday for overall health and stimulation. And just like humans, dogs need to be well hydrated during exercise!

We wanted to find a way for dog parents to safely and efficiently hydrate their pets during outdoor activities. Being a dog parent myself, I know the struggle. I was constantly having to carry around multiple water bottles and bulky dog bowls just so my dog could properly hydrate on our daily walks. I needed a product that made this hassle easier for me and my dog.

That is why The Thirsty Pup launched its one of a kind dog water bottle. The Thirsty Pup water bottle is compact, easy to use, and loved by all dogs.
Based in Louisville, Kentucky, The Thirsty Pup is committed to providing efficient products for you and your pet. We provide products that are designed to make you and your dog's life easier

A Promise To Our Customers

We Supply Only The Best

We are committed to providing high quality and humane products for your pet needs. Everything we sell on our website is used by our own dogs. We have first hand experience with these products and we know how convenient they are for dog parents alike.

Family Owned Business

The Thirsty Pup is a small, family owned business of dog lovers. When you purchase from us, you're not buying from a large corporation. You're supporting a small business based in the U.S.